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flower truck

Daydream Flower Truck

1961 Bullet Nose / Split Window / Type 2 Transporter

I was imported to the United States in 1961. My original delivery job is unknown.  I was found in the trees of Maine in early 2020. Some humans rescued me, and I ended up in South Carolina. After a year of TLC, I was transformed from a rusty carcass into the DDFT. I now live in GA. This is my story.

As Fall 2020 was wrapping its weird grimy grip on the world. Somehow, two humans came up with the grand idea of having a flower truck. Not just any flower truck, nope... a vintage VW flower truck. Mind you, neither one of them had ever owned a VW before - let alone a vintage one. For most people, engaging in a vintage resto project in the middle of a pandemic may seem like bad idea jeans - and they would probably not be wrong.  

Lucky for me, I was found early 2021 in Maine, pulled from a tree line and hauled down to South Carolina. My humans spent a few months looking for a good VW buy that was a daily driver. Unfortunately, a vintage VW single cab transporter is rare. After frustrated searching reach its peak, the plan to build me became a reality in the summer  of 2021 when I was bought, rolled into the shop (where I would live for the next 18 months) and the beginning of my journey began. 

Folks when I tell you I got the greatest bath ever, I mean it. I was sand blasted, had all my rust cut and replaced with green metal. I had my underbelly cleaned and primed, tranny rebuilt, running gear and suspension rebuilt, and put back together with all sorts of new pieces and parts. All I needed was a new engine, some headlamps, a steering wheel - and the coolest rat-rod Daydream Flower Machine was ready to roll. Nope ... just when I thought I was going to be free - they sucked me back in.